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Announcing SENTiNAT®200, a brand new sample-to-result platform

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | UgenTec | 11/04/2019

Sentinel Diagnostics today announced its new end-to-end platform for molecular diagnostics, dubbed SENTiNAT®200. The platform will support the full range of STAT-NAT® real-time PCR assays across parasitology, virology, pharmacogenetics, respiratory infections and healthcare-associated infections.

Announcing FastTyper, a new way of performing high-throughput end-point PCR

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | UgenTec | 30/09/2018

HASSELT, BELGIUM & BOSTON, MA, US – 28/09/18 | UgenTec today announced a new end-point PCR analysis software called FastTyper. FastTyper uses artificial intelligence (AI) methods to significantly accelerate genotyping analysis workflows and improve data interpretation in applications such as agricultural breeding programs.  

UgenTec opens US sales office

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | UgenTec | 14/06/2018

Hasselt, Belgium & Boston, Massachusetts - UgenTec, a software company focusing on simplifying and automating real-time qPCR diagnostics, today announces it has opened a United States subsidiary sales office. Paul Ventura, a seasoned life science executive, will be spearheading the US sales efforts.

Announcing our partnership with Serosep Ltd.

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | UgenTec | Partnership | 19/04/2018

We're excited to announce today our partnership with Serosep Ltd.,  a leading global manufacturer of molecular solutions for clinical laboratories. In the partnership, we will add the Serosep EntericBio assay range to our platform FastFinder. 

Announcing the Molecular Automation Network & our partnership with Hamilton Robotics

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | UgenTec | Partnership | 10/04/2018

We're excited to announce our brand new initiative in molecular diagnostics: the Molecular Automation Network. This network is a consortium of companies that are currently active in molecular diagnostics & automation. Its purpose is to connect the MDx industry better, enabling more complete solutions and end to end workflows across the globe.