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AI, Secure Hosting, Smart Connectivity and great UI.

We use state-of-the-art technology to power the future of laboratory automation.


Artificial Intelligence.

Our interpretation support engines are backed by intelligent algorithms, based on expert AI and proprietary R&D.


How artificial intelligence helps your laboratory:


  • High accuracy and 100% reproducibility across the board, even on Fridays.

  • The more data you analyze, the less manual review you'll most likely need.

  • Save time in routine analysis, and only look at data that actually need your attention.



Instant Performance

UgenTec has a library of generic algorithms that are highly capable of solving your data analysis problem. With >99% call rates out of the box.


Tuned to your data

To improve even further on out-of-the-box performance, UgenTec's data science team can tune algorithms to your assay’s data. As you get to know your assay, so does your software.

Artificial Intelligence

Built on strong R&D

UgenTec continues to perform large research grant funded and investor-backed R&D projects to take its in-house AI technology and knowledge to the next level of capability.

Secure Hosting

Scalable, secure hosting.

UgenTec uses Microsoft Azure, a leading hosting provider to ensure your applications are fast, reliably available and highly secure.

  • Secure & private by design, encrypted during transfer and at rest. 

  • No hardware expenditure, server management, or support burden. It's all included in the license.

  • Always have your data at your fingertips - from anywhere in the lab and beyond.


How our hosting works.

Data Isolation

Data isolation per customer

Every customer has the privacy and security that comes with data isolation. For optimal speed and availability, your data is hosted in a region near you.

Operating System

Built on Microsoft

UgenTec hosts data on Microsoft Azure, a leading hosting provider trusted by governments, banks and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

Document Security

Safe and secure data transfer

Data is secured at every point between your lab and the hosting center, both at rest as while it’s being transferred.


Software designed for the laboratory.

We combine the strengths of molecular scientists and information technology specialists to create the laboratory of the future.

We build software and we design functionality not just with our users in mind, but with our users. Through interviews, wireframe sessions, and early access, we engage customers from the get-go.


  • Built together with laboratories, for laboratories.

  • Low training effort, simple and intuitive software.

  • Software that understands how you work, not the other way around.



The Connected Lab.

In the age of IoT, connectivity is key.

Today's molecular labs manage a heterogeneous instrument fleet, a complex array of sample workflows and a broad test menu. UgenTec enables a comprehensive overview of the integrated lab:

  • Instrument connectivity, both for controling the run and capturing results

  • Workflow management tools, regardless of vendor, data formats, and protocols

  • LIMS integration, talking to your lab's IT systems for a smooth, error-free and quick TAT workflow

These partners chose UgenTec to bolt on result calling to their genotyping studies, lab workflow, or sample-to-result instrument

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