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A comprehensive solution.

FastFinder is a modular, feature-rich software solution built from the ground up for diagnostic labs.


Manage the sample flow with FastFinder Workflow.


Full chain of custody & sample history. 

See the full journey of samples in the lab. Ensure compliance. Optimize result accuracy. 


Capture the lab's knowledge.

Capture the lab's SOPs, and automate them. Digitize the workflow in clear steps in traceable software - not in people's heads. So it's flexible, yet scalable.


Make your sample flow reproducible.

Results can't depend on who runs the instrument, manages the plate, or assesses the calls. Capture workflow steps, in a documented, user-friendly way.

Only look at curves that matter with FastFinder Analysis.


Make your data analysis SOPs reproducible. 

Documented, traced, and automated. And yet flexible, scalable and white-box.


Efficiency through automation.

A digital lab is productive, improves turnaround times, avoids error and is operationally efficient.


Minimize error risk.

With real-time QC, full audit trails, analysis automation, and removal of manual steps.

Unlock actionable lab intelligence with FastFinder Insights.


Track key assay metrics. 

Keep tabs on key assay metrics ocomprehensively, in real time, with visual dashboards. Positivity rates, sample volumes, retests, and more.


Identify issues in real-time.

Check instrument performance lab-wide – identify trends & issues in real time and speed up troubleshooting.


Survey operational efficiency.

Survey the entire lab's operational efficiency as a whole - across instruments, even across multiple sites.


For audit preparedness.

Have the right tools to take away tedious external audit prep. Levy Jennings charts, Westgard rules, all configured with ease.


For the whole lab.

Even for multi-site labs, lab groups and health systems can get insights across sites – on efficiency, resource strain, and key lab metrics.

Full control over OTS & LDT assays with FastFinder Studio.


Configure assays exactly as you need them. 

Roll out specific rule sets for specific customer needs and more.


Efficiency through automation.

A digital lab is productive, improves turnaround times, avoids error and is operationally efficient.


Flexible & adjustable automation.

Take control of the level of automation for both commercial and LDT assays.

FastFinder QC engineered with quality control front & center.


Built on industry standards. 

Levy Jennings charts, Westgard rules, all configured painlessly.


Smart cross-contamination detection.

Based on proximity, trends and positivity rates.


In-run quality control metrics.

Right there and then as you analyze.

Scale your genotyping cluster calling workflow with FastFinder Genotyper.


Automated scoring through advanced AI. 

Support high-throughput workflows with up to 80% time saving on average.


Advanced data intelligence included.

Build up a history of assay scoring which is self-learning.


Customizable & integrable for multiple platforms.

Single software solution for multiple platforms like KASP SNP (Kraken) - Nexar - Araya - IntelliQube - Fluidigm and more.

Start with FastFinder
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