FastFinder Analysis

FastFinder Analysis takes any qPCR test in your menu and bolts on data analysis and interpretation support. Compatible with any qPCR device, it enables you to move from raw cycler data into actionable & standardized results. 

FastFinder Analysis gets you fast, reliable, reproducible results - whether for amplification and melting curves; for single or multiplexed assays; for straightforward assays or for those with the most complex, demanding interpretation logic.

FastFinder Analysis:

Add intelligence to your assays.



Rest easy with interpretation support by FastFinder. Our software sports algorithms that are 100% reproducible and offer proven accuracy well above 99%.



Save valuable time on result generation & data processing. No more spreadsheets, copying information into the LIMS, or tedious manual QC tracking.

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No need to change your hardware setup as FastFinder integrates neatly with your existing qPCR devices, across your entire assay menu and workflow.

Features to drive your laboratory forward

“FastFinder captures all assay logic in an Assay Plugin. A simple idea, and it works. My assays are standardized, reproducible, and automated.” - P. Descheemaeker, AZ Sint Jan

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Capture all data analysis and interpretation logic an Assay Plugin. Easy to validate, reproducible, and easy to use for lab technicians.

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Trained on millions of curves, Artificial Intelligence based algorithms will always analyse PCR curves in a 100% reproducible manner. 

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Easy, automated plate population. Automatically populate wells with the correct samples and targets. 

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Lot tracking, to avoid paperwork in the lab. Troubleshoot issues with runs or uncertain results with ease.

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An integrated QC module for real-time follow up of key metrics across assay, instrument, run, and more. Configure and automatically check quality rules. Search, track and plot over time.

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Integrated into your lab instrument fleet. Read qPCR files from all common PCR cycler instruments

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Your molecular lab’s data repository of qPCR data and results. Build a reliable, long term archive, and query it to get insights at your fingertips.

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Any assay type - whether quantitative or qualitative. Supports melting curve analysis, standard curves, and can implement and execute complex multiplex assay logic automatically.

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Talks to your LIMS, integrates with your IT systems. Through ASTM or HL7 integrations, take away manual result transfer and win time with an integrated data flow.

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Robust audit trails. Maintain logs of who does what, when and why. Annotate exceptions with comments and timestamps. With optional 2-step validation, built for clinical use from the get-go.

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Secure from the ground up. with a strong authentication and authorization framework, you’re in control of your lab’s data, analysis and reporting.

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Automated reporting, from end-to-end. In a few clicks, go from raw cycler data to clean, comprehensive answers in concise, well laid-out reports.

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Full control. Highly configurable, the platform allows you to configure color compensation, lots, Tm calibration, standard curves, and more. 

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Click to results. For low and high volume assays alike, go from raw data to result in a few clicks. Once set up, automate to ramp up volumes.

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Flag exceptions. Only look at curves that need review: the software will identify questionable results for you to resolve. So you can confidently report results at high throughput.

FastFinder takes any assay in your menu, for any qPCR device, and enables you to turn raw data into actionable & standardized results in seconds.


Built on state-of-the-art technology

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A platform with brains of its own. Artificial intelligence at your fingertips, with almost no learning curve.

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Secure and scalable hosting. Deploy your lab workflow on a reliable platform.

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A friendly user interface built for how labs work. Rely on intuitive interpretation and visualization tools.



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