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Secure from the ground up.

Built with state-of-the-art security in mind. Robust, reliable, and optimized for clinical use.


Multiple layers of security.

The UgenTec software maintains three layers of security, ensuring industry-grade security across the platform. All communication between the different modules of the FastFinder system is encrypted through SSL as a security layer, combined with the OAuth2 protocol as an authentication layer. On top of those, both the end-user facing applications and the centralized administration module provide an extra authorization layer, which allows specific user actions to be assigned to specific users through user roles.


Additionally, all data storage has been configured to be encrypted at rest, thanks to features provided by Microsoft. This is not only applicable for file storage, but also the underlying data storage of databases is encrypted in the same way.


Audits Are Disruptive

Externally audited procedures
and infrastructure

We have procedures in place that govern our development, production infrastructure, hosting & deployment process, and our security management. See our certificates here.

Document Security

Implementing relevant
security guidelines

UgenTec ensures that its platform supports compliance with guidelines such as GDPR, APP, HIPAA, and general industry best practices.


Top-notch professional
hosting partner

We have chosen Microsoft Azure, a PaaS provider with a track record of providing services to software companies that manage and process PHI.


Audit trails, change documentation, and robust authentication and authorisation.

The FastFinder platform is built with a user-centric authentication and authorisation model, which enables features like 2-step validation (where a result by 1 operator has to be confirmed by a second scientist) and audit trails. For example, whenever a user overrides an assay result in the software through the “Resolve” function, they are required to enter a rationale, which is stored in the audit trail for future reference.

These customers trust UgenTec to get access to a powerful platform that is built from the ground up with quality and regulatory compliance in mind.

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