FastFinder Genotyper

FastFinder Genotyper is smart end-point genotyping analysis software. Whether you run studies for animal breeding or crop science, Genotyper will allow you to scale up: number-crunch the results, slash eyes-on time on cluster calling, and organize your lab’s plates, runs and studies.

Genotyper uses AI to accelerate genotyping analysis workflows and improve interpretation speed and quality.

Scale-up your crop, seed or animal genotyping projects.



Accelerates your studies by giving you an unprecedented visual overview across thousands of samples. Navigate plates with ease, and interact with blazingly fast visual plots.



Get smarter with every plate. Build a repository of historical data, and apply smart algorithms by assay, organism or workflow.

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Speed up your workflow with direct integration into leading genotyping workflow software tools and common genotyping thermocycler instruments.

Key features

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High performance cluster calling saves the genotyping expert time as it reduces the manual analysis work in genotyping studies.

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Multiple plates in a single view allows scientists to have a quick overview of their entire data sets. Easily analyze calls across multiple plates, and look at many assays at once.

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Easy, interactive plots and visualizations allow users to navigate clusters fast, and highlight areas of interest with a single motion.

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Centrally managed studies and orders. All data that needs to be reviewed in context, is grouped and displayed in a single, comprehensive overview.

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View calling quality at a glance, and without a single click, check genotype status data quality & calling exceptions across all plots for the entire assay.

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Support for multiple reads - Genotyper conveniently allows you to visualize multiple reads for a plate, and shows a full overview for the entire assay.

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Automated calling - you’ll only look at data that needs your attention. Genotyper will highlight what you need to see, and you can drill down and get every detail.

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Web-based user interface deploys easily across your lab, allowing you to collaborate with the whole team, even across sites.

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Fast, snappy interfaces provide an interactive, visual data representation of thousands of data points in a single view.

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Smart algorithms are trained on new data over time. State-of-the-art data analysis will outperform the basic genotyping algorithms that are delivered out of the box with instrumentation software.

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Simple workflows reduce the risk of human error, with convenient overviews for entire assays, and automated calling capabilities.

“Globally, billions of end-point PCR tests are performed in plant & seed studies annually. Genotyper drastically reduces manual analysis time and standardizes the analysis of end-point PCR.”

N. Kruize, Crop Science expert

Built on state-of-the-art technology

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A smart platform. Build your lab's assay and genotyping study repository, fine-tune assays, and call results with confidence.

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Secure and scalable hosting. Deploy your lab workflow on a reliable platform.

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A friendly user interface built for how labs work. Rely on intuitive interpretation and visualization tools.




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