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UgenTec and MolGen bring high-throughput rapid LAMP SARS-CoV-2 test to diagnostic labs

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | 11/11/2020

Hasselt, Belgium | Boston, MA, USA | Veenendaal, The Netherlands | November 10th, 2020 | UgenTec and MolGen today announced a collaboration bringing a rapid SARS-CoV-2 testing solution to the market. The LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) test was developed by the Dutch TNO institute (The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research). It allows labs to go from sample to result in 90 minutes, it is cost-effective, and it combines the accuracy of PCR with the speed of rapid testing protocols.

Based on MolGen’s PurePrep instrumentation and chemistry portfolio and UgenTec’s Artificial Intelligence-based software platform for data analysis, interpretation and workflow tracking, the companies released an end-to-end solution for robust, scalable rapid SARS-CoV-2 testing.

With MolGen’s PurePrep instrumentation and chemistry solutions and UgenTec’s FastFinder software platform, labs are able to go from sample to result in record time, while maintaining the accuracy required in a diagnostic setting. With FastFinder, the already rapid protocol is complemented with data analysis capabilities that are hands-off, allowing data processing to happen in seconds rather than requiring time-consuming manual review and approval steps.

A solution fit for rapid-testing diagnostics

MolGen offers its PurePrep portfolio in order to optimize the start of the workflow after receiving the samples by transferring them from the sample tubes to deepwell plates. Next to this, MolGen offers its automated PurePrep 96 solution for the RNA extraction including its chemistry and an automated dispensing solution.

Moreover, in times where supply chains are under stress, local production of chemistry and instrumentation and rapid cloud-based software deployment provide the labs with much needed supply independence and logistics security.

Automation and AI for testing at scale

The end-to-end solution includes UgenTec’s FastFinder platform - a SaaS solution that uses AI algorithms to automate data analysis from sample to result with minimal hands-on time.

UgenTec contributes 3 of its flagship products to the solution. FastFinder Analysis, the platform’s component for data interpretation and reporting, automates the assay instructions for use, minimizing result turnaround time (TAT) by avoiding time-consuming and error prone manual review. FastFinder Workflow adds fully automated sample and instrument tracking. This way, labs have full chain of custody of samples across plates, assays & instruments. Finally, FastFinder Insights allows labs to monitor QC metrics and lab KPIs such as positive & retest rates, and assay, control and instrument performance monitoring across sites.

A timely solution built for high-throughput diagnostics

Niels Kruize, Chief Commercial Officer at MolGen, is excited about the collaboration: “The collaboration with UgenTec enables us to create a truly end-to-end solution with which our customers’ labs have a scalable, robust system that allows them to go from sample tube to result in under an hour and a half.”

Steven Verhoeven, CEO at UgenTec, adds: “As demand for testing is spiking, labs are under pressure to ramp up volumes with personnel under strain. More than ever, labs need rapid SARS-CoV-2 testing, but workflows that heavily rely on molecular biologists to manually call results just don’t scale. We’re very excited about the collaboration with MolGen, because together we’re bringing a truly end-to-end solution to the market, that provides the rapid, reliable results that we need to control this pandemic.”

Collaboration scope and roll-out

MolGen and UgenTec will initially focus on a roll-out in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, moving to a wider geographical roll-out in the near future. Moreover, the collaboration expands beyond the SARS-CoV-2 testing solution the companies currently jointly implemented. MolGen’s instrumentation and chemistry, and UgenTec’s AI-based software platform, are ideally suited to support multiple molecular diagnostics workflows - spanning infectious disease and oncology, for example. Of note, both companies already have an active customer base in fields such as veterinary testing, AgBio and food safety.

UgenTec - Hasselt, Belgium / Cambridge MA, USA
Steven Van Vooren

MolGen BV, Veenendaal, The Netherlands
Niclaudi Boshoven

About UgenTec
UgenTec is a molecular laboratory software provider servicing molecular labs, assay and instrument providers globally across applications in Clinical Molecular Diagnostics, Veterinary health, Crop Science, Breeding and Seed Health. UgenTec is headquartered in Hasselt, Belgium with offices in Boston, MA and its FastFinder platform has a global installed base of over 100 molecular labs and partnerships with leading molecular diagnostics vendors.
FastFinder is a modular, clinical grade Software as a Service platform using AI methods allowing labs of all sizes to standardize and automate their molecular workflows. FastFinder’s modules include Analysis, Genotyper, Insights and Workflow.

About MolGen B.V.

MolGen is a young, dynamic and fast-growing company, active in the field of molecular biology and specialized in the technology to purify DNA / RNA from various materials. In addition, MolGen sells innovative and total solutions and MolGen continuously develops new products and services to meet the ever-changing demand of the market. At the moment MolGen is very active in the field of extraction chemistry and equipment to scale up the SARS-CoV-2 test capacity. Furthermore, MolGen is also active in the field of AgBiotech, Animal health and life sciences. MolGen has its headquarters in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

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