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UgenTec moves into PCR middleware, partners with Hamann Laborautomation

Wouter Uten | Press Release | 4/07/2017

UgenTec, the Belgian PCR automation software company and Hamann Laborautomation today announced their partnership venture into the PCR middleware landscape. The partnership will consist of a strategic expertise exchange and working collaboration between the two companies.

Today, UgenTec is focused on clinical diagnostic markets and its platform, FastFinder, supports tests for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), respiratory infections, gastrointestinal diseases, oncology, genetics and much more. Venturing into diagnostic software quickly demanded a more end-to-end approach.

“Since we’ve delivered on our initial promise, fully automated result interpretation, more and more customers came to us to further automate their PCR workflow” says Wouter Uten, CEO at UgenTec “Jens Hamann has years of expertise in middleware, his company will help us accelerate development and learnings in the PCR middleware field”.”

“UgenTec and Hamann Laborautomation have very similar customers, and both of our companies have a lot of expertise in their respective fields” said Jens Hamann, CEO at Hamann Laborautomation. “I’m excited to work with a company that has a proven QA track record and a clinically proven solution which helps laboratories automate and standardize their routine PCR workflow.”

The companies now offer the PCR middleware and the CE-IVD, automated PCR interpretation software to all laboratories seeking to further automate their workflow. Together with the quality control module and the LIMS integration of UgenTec, the collaboration with Hamann Laborautomation enables one of the most complete software solutions in PCR automation available in today’s market.

Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed.

About Hamann Laborautomation

Hamann Laborautomation addresses the requirements of a modern laboratory, which are multifaceted and often not easily met with existing equipment software. With the help of specially developed equipment components and accessories, Hamann Laborautomation workflows are implemented in a more secure and efficient manner than is possible with unmodified commercial products. The company delivers custom-designed applications and software solutions as well as sophisticated accessories for any automation project.

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