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For Pharma and CROs, molecular data are the crown jewels.

Molecular data is a key asset in diagnostic, vaccine, drug and treatment research. Across the assay lifecycle, use the right tools for deployment, result standardization, data reduction, collaboration & QC.

Infectious Disease

Pharma and Biotech leaders are changing their time-to-market.

In developing novel drugs and therapies, running succesful clinical trials, and across vaccine research and screening programs, Pharma, CRO and biotech companies deal with increasing assay complexity, longer validation and verification cycles, larger collaboration networks, and increasingly competitive time-to-market and cost pressure. 

Molecular data reduction needs standardization & QC baked in.

Reliable results require validation, verification, & method standardization across the assay lifecycle.

Deploy assays to CROs and partners

In-house data analysis does not scale

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Adherence to data analysis protocols

Standardize data analysis methods & QC metrics across lab sites & partners


Enable partners and lab sites for speed & reproducibility

Take validated pipelines to your partners and testing sites, without validation & maintenance bottlenecks


“FastFinder enables the entire
molecular lab data workflow. From design & verification to validation and deployment, and during routine use.

Standardize the data reduction workflow, from raw data to “yes/no” and  quantitative calls. Structured, traceable, automated.

Automate the high throughput screening workflow.  Take away as many manual steps as possible, because these introduce opportunities for errors.

QC dashboards help pharma labs intervene real-time when QC rules are broken.

Collaboration meets standardization. Pharmas and CROs standardize how samples are analyzed and how results are called, automating SOPs in software rules.

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Pharma partners

Build assay calling and data reduction at scale


Innovative CROs

Learn how this CRO automated their molecular lab pipelines from sample to result


Biotech partners

See how biotech partners ensure rapid, self-serve deployment of new assays


Diagnostic Development

Run molecular assays at scale

These partners chose UgenTec to manage the assay life cycle, QC, and deploy data reduction to partners at scale.

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