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Post Market Surveillance.
Made easy.

Proactively comply with EU IVDR Post Market Surveillance requirements.


With FastFinder Insights, MDx companies can see how their assays perform in the wild. Run your post Market Surveillance mandated by IVDR regulations - without the tedious excel sheets, without manual data collection, without flying blind.

– C. Carrein, QA Manager –

The new EU IVDR Regulation and assay performance
... and how Insights helps


Collect and collate PMS information

Collect information to execute your
Post Market Surveillance plan.
Keep your PMS processes efficient
and effective


Identify incidents

Monitor, trace and identify incidents.
Get the right tools to sustain
compliance for your complete portfolio
of assays.


Perform trends

Get relevant insights on kit usage, result rates, and performance in the wild. With pre-built or custom dashboards, you'll review PMS trend reports in no time.

Assay_Performance 3

“FastFinder Insights has become an essential tool for Post Market Surveillance. We get real time information on assay performance.”

Once assay lots are live in the field, you'll want to see how they perform - and identify issues rapidly.

Identifying assay performance issues in the hands of customers early, allows you to help them go live quickly and avoid costly mistakes.

Manual data collection and spreadsheets are not the right tools to track quality and performance of your assays – with Insights, you'll get the tools you need.

Kit Insights

True insights on kit performance.

Wether you want to engage directly with customers to address issues or give the right tools to your distributors to make end users succesful, FastFinder Insights will allow you to track performance.

From within one central environment, you'll have clear, interactive, visual dashboards on assay performance, and QC and lot information.

So you can identify compliance and performance issues before they become a problem.

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