FastFinder Workflow

FastFinder Workflow orchestrates your qPCR sample workflow from order to result. Its time-saving tools manage work-lists, accelerate assay to sample assignment, optimize plate setup, and generate pipetting sheets. Speed up testing, reduce the risk of errors, and streamline your test menu workflow.

FastFinder Workflow:

Accelerate your qPCR sample flow.



Speed up your workflow and remove spreadsheets from the equation. Reduce PCR plate setup time, optimize pipetting steps, and use reagents efficiently.



Save cost and optimize reagent use by relying on automated assay assignment. Win time by generating an optimal plate setup automatically.



Reduce error risk with instrument connectivity, guided pipetting, LIMS connectivity and and work-list management.

Key features

“FastFinder Workflow speeds up the entire qPCR lab workflow. It works across all tests, sample types, instruments and reportables.” - An B., Molecular Lab Expert

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Comprehensive, clear order & worklist management starts directly from the LIMS list of test requests.

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Track and trace all molecular samples with convenient sample management right from within FastFinder Workflow.

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Easy, automated plate setup. Optimized Automatically populate wells with the correct samples and targets.

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A fast workflow, where you stay in control: automated assay assignment, but with the option to manually review and override.

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An end-to-end system, starting from the list of samples and test requests to orchestrating the data and interpretation step.

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An integrated platform from sample assay request to interpreted result. Pair sample management and qPCR data analysis & interpretation with FastFinder Analysis.

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Flexible assay management module, that allows you to configure your lab’s entire assay menu on a single workflow management system.

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PCR Plate generation tools that take away time consuming preparation work, reduce errors, and optimize reagent use.

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Smart target management, where the use of targets and corresponding channels can be controlled and optimized.

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Step-by-step pipetting guide  creates manual pipetting lists and run sheets. Optimize manual actions in the lab to speed up pipetting time, avoid errors, and save reagents.

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LIMS connectivity integrates FastFinder with your IT systems. Take away manual result transfer and win time with an integrated data flow.


Built on state-of-the-art technology

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A smart platform. Build your lab's assay repository, capture and guide workflow steps, and derive lab intelligence.

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Secure and scalable hosting. Deploy your lab workflow on a reliable platform.

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A friendly user interface built for how labs work. Rely on intuitive interpretation and visualization tools.




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