FastFinder Insights


FastFinder Insights is Business Intelligence for the molecular lab. Dashboards, graphs and reports give you an operational overview across samples, assay menu, instrument fleet, and labs.

Identify quality issues. Find cost and time bottlenecks. Check assay and instrument performance. Track + and - controls. See live QC. And pinpoint anomalies.


FastFinder Insights:

Business Intelligence for the molecular lab.


Get real-time lab insights

Whether within a single lab or across multiple sites, visually review the lab's status and plot key statistics by instrument, assay, plate, device, and more.


Take QC to the next level

Don't just track QC, but see trends. Don't just review sample batches, but track result rates. Don't just troubleshoot instruments, but monitor lab operations comprehensively.


End manual troubleshooting

Don't rely on luck to identify snags. Proactively track assay, device and lab performance. Stay ahead of failures. Because when false results are out, it's too late.

Key Features of FastFinder Insights

“FastFinder Insights is essential to our lab's Quality Assurance program. We visually track positive rates, controls, assay behavior, and instrument performance. Yes, we had all the data, but with Insights, we have all the information.” - A diagnostic laboratory, Switzerland

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Real time insights. Track true positives and true negatives, controls, and fail rates as they occur.

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Track trends across sites. Great for a single lab, indispensable when you have multiple sites. 

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Instrument and assay agnostic - check across systems from all vendors you use. Insights works regardless of cycler, chemistry, or workflow.

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Visual, graphical overview - don't dig through tables and exports, but get clear, informative graphs and plots.

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Automated data collation - don't piece together manual log files for troubleshooting, but benefit from Insight's automated data aggregation.

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Drill down when needed - get high level insights and still dig down to the details of what’s going on when needed. No hidden data.
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Track lab operational efficiency - you'll know right away when bottlenecks or quality issues pop up.

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Flexible - with UgenTec as a partner, you can create custom dashboards to fit your needs  whether for COVID initiatives or routine Dx operations.


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Powerful search capabilities, that allow you to review statistics by result, target, lab, date range, sample type, and more.

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Fully exportable data. With detailed QC insights. Informative dashboards. Flexible search tools.

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a lab overview at your fingertips