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Eurofins Genescan Technologies announces AI collaboration with UgenTec

Thomas Beuls | Press Release | 8/10/2019

Today, Eurofins GeneScan Technologies GmbH and UgenTec announced a collaboration on the development of assay plugins for Eurofins GeneScan Technologies’ portfolio of molecular biology kits on UgenTec’s real-time PCR analysis software platform, FastFinder. The partnership will enable Eurofins to deploy their assays at scale with analysis and automated result reporting included, ensuring the fast sample-to-result times required in food, feed and seed testing.

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies offers a unique and extensive portfolio of kits based on RNA / DNA detection using real-time PCR. The product lines cover DNA extraction kits, the detection of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), animal and plant species.

FastFinder Analysis is a software module within UgenTec's FastFinder platform that uses artificial intelligence to support the analysis and interpretation of qPCR data - allowing end users to go from raw cycler data to final assay result. Trained on over a billion data points across hundreds of assays, FastFinder takes any assay on any common PCR device and minimizes hands-on time. It allows diagnostic companies to standardize the way their assay is used in the field or by their service laboratories, making interpretation operator-independent and reducing time-to-result.

With FastFinder, laboratory end-users standardize their workflow on a uniform, online, device-agnostic qPCR software platform. For Eurofins, this ensures 100% reproducibility in testing workflows, while accelerating assay roll-out, simplifying support to laboratories, and providing customers with an integrated solution from raw data to report.

“The testing laboratories are facing a technical revolution, involving automation, robotics and integrated workflows.” said Nicholas Krohn, Managing Director at Eurofins GeneScan Technologies. “FastFinder allows us to combine a proven software platform based on AI technology with our own 25+ years of experience in the field of molecular testing, and offer our customers a unique solution in result interpretation and workflow optimization.” 

“The sensitivity and specificity of real-time PCR brings powerful technology to the food, feed and seed identification, quality and safety testing market.” said Steven Verhoeven, CEO at UgenTec. “We’re excited to see our technology contribute to Eurofins’ acclaimed quality standards. Automating the evaluation of Eurofins GeneScan Technologies’ products, data processing and interpretation will simplify Eurofins’ route to commercial & regulatory success.”

In the collaboration, UgenTec will develop artificially intelligent software components for Eurofins GeneScan Technologies’ assays, called assay plugins - which are deployed into the FastFinder analysis software used in testing labs. While the FastFinder software platform is standardized globally, assay plugins are specific to Eurofins GeneScan Technologies ’ assay technology and will be validated together with the assays UgenTec builds its software platform under a certified ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System to assure its software meets the high standards required in the routine diagnostic space. By partnering with UgenTec, laboratories and MDx companies tap into years of experience, bringing CE-IVD software to the market.

Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm – January 12, 2023