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 Automate your sample workflow. 
 Cut interpretation time in half. 
 Get actionable lab intelligence. 

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Catherine François

“Before, 100 samples would take over 30 minutes of manual curve interpretation and LIMS data entry. Today, FastFinder reduces our COVID real-time PCR platform analysis time to 15 seconds.

As a cherry on the cake, the data is transferred automatically to the LIS, avoiding human error.”

Dr. Catherine François, CHU Amiens Virology Lab, France

Your PCR workflow & analysis standardized.
All the time, in half the time.

FastFinder is intelligent software that tracks your sample throughout the workflow, reduces manual steps, ensures your assays are analyzed consistently and cuts data analysis time by 50% or more.

Multiplex AMR STI testing made easy.

For Dx companies    

Lab-developed TaqMan Array card panels simplified.

For laboratories    

A seed breeding workflow optimized with AI.

For agrigenomics    

These companies embrace intelligent workflows:
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“There is real risk for errors if you simply accept cycler software calls at face value. You either need to add a time-consuming manual review step, or adopt intelligent software like FastFinder Analysis.”

Marianne Jakobsen, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Sample-to-result software for labs, assay providers and instrumentation partners.

Clinical diagnostics

Artificially intelligence algorithms that automatically and accurately call PCR curves and clusterplots.

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Veterinary diagnostics
Simplify your animal health workflow and ensure accurate reporting to clients.
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Automate your high-throughput genotyping pipelines, calling SNPs with confidence.

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Assay providers

Elevate your assays with a full sample-to-result experience. Extra text to line out

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Sample-to-result providers

OEM solutions for a seamless user experience from sample in to result out


"In clinical labs,  the days of having scientists reading PCR curves and interpreting all these different parameters are fast disappearing. It's an absolute necessity that we have intelligent and automated analysis bolted onto our assays."

David Clancy, Serosep Ltd., Ireland


For laboratories that are:


Entering plates and samples manually

Reduce manual steps.

FastFinder Workflow manages your laboratory from LIMS to LIMS, integrates with your instrumentation and generates optimized worklists.


Spending hours on curve analysis

Improve turnaround time.

FastFinder Analysis deploys AI to automatically analyze your data, deal with even the aberrant curves, and call the test result across all markers.


Dealing with strict compliance

Ensure full compliance.

Track and trace the sample audit trails, and analyze with software built from the ground up for clinical use.


"Standardized multi-target interpretation on FastFinder makes life easier. It enables us to structure the large amount of data generated by our lab-developed TaqMan® Array cards, facilitating interpretation."

Parick Descheemaeker, AZ Sint-Jan Bruges


Beyond software, a partner you can rely on.

We're working with the leading labs and companies in diagnostics and agrigenomics to simplify molecular lab work across the globe.


Transforming labs

We work with leading instrumentation and automation partners to help labs go from sample to result.


Automation done right

FastFinder gives labs the tools needed to set up an operationally efficient molecular diagnostic workflow.



See how we partner with MDx companies and kit providers to enable their customers deploy assays with ease.

Thierry Blanchard

“FastFinder is the perfect solution for labs looking to standardize and automate the data analysis and reporting portion of their workflows.”

Thierry Blanchard, Head of Digital Health, UniHA, France