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Test - Medicinal Genomics Partners with UgenTec to Automate Cannabis Testing Results 6

Wouter Uten | Press Release | 15/12/2022

HASSELT, BELGIUM | BEVERLY, MA – September 20, 2022

AI-powered technology minimizes manual labor, inconsistencies and errors

Beverly, MA. — Medicinal Genomics Corp. (MGC), a pioneer in harnessing genomics to improve agricultural productivity, safety and transparency, today announced its partnership with UgenTec who will add its FastFindersoftware to MGC’s microbial testing platform. FastFinder uses data science and Artificial Intelligence to minimize manual review of assay results through digitization of an assay’s interpretation logic. FastFinder Analysis automates the assay result calling & interpretation rules, minimizing result turnaround time (TAT) by avoiding time-consuming and error prone manual review.

UgenTec’ FastFinder technology has proven itself in hundreds of labs running hundreds of millions of tests during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has a long track record in supporting labs with infectious disease, clinical diagnostics, animal testing, breeding and QC. Moving into the cannabis industry is a natural extension for the company since these sectors utilize the same underlying molecular testing methodology, qPCR.

“We’re beyond excited to be able to offer this technology to our customers,”
said Brendan McKernan, CEO of Medicinal Genomics. “Cannabis volumes are increasing every month and labs are under increasing pressure to deliver more volume without sacrificing accuracy and cost-effectiveness. UgenTec’s FastFinder will be a game changer for them, and for us.”

Adopting FastFinder allows labs to deliver optimal result consistency in several ways: First, it allows labs to optimize result calling. Labs can finetune and automate result calling to their liking and decide in what circumstances a result needs manual review. Second, FastFinder reduces manual steps in curve review and assay result reporting, reducing time to result significantly and optimizing lab efficiency. And third, it increases result consistency by eliminating possible variability among lab staff and by making interpretation rules explicit and automating them in software.

To keep up with this rapidly evolving industry, organizations doing cannabis testing have to add more robotics, automation, and process optimization. The increased complexity, along with growing volumes and expanding assay menus, have put more pressure on lab staff. Hiring competent lab personnel has proven difficult, and bringing new staff up to speed is time-consuming. For these reasons, automated systems that provide true sample-to-result workflows are essential to meet the demands of increased workloads, complexity, and demand.

“Cannabis testing must produce the highest accuracy while optimizing result turnaround times,”
said Steven Verhoeven, CEO at UgenTec. “At UgenTec, we’re bringing together data science & AI, easy-to-use software, and smart instrument connectivity to offer diagnostic labs the software tools they need to ensure results are up to the highest standards. Medicinal Genomics and UgenTec share this ambition and vision on diagnostics, so we’re very pleased to bring this solution to the market together.”

About Medicinal Genomics Corporation
Medicinal Genomics Corporation is a pioneer in leveraging genomics to build a stronger scientific foundation for cultivating medicinal plants and their extracts. The company’s unmatched expertise in genetic science helps cultivators, dispensaries and testing laboratories characterize, understand and ensure the safety, quality and consistency of their products so patients and consumers can have confidence in what they’re buying. To support their mission, Medicinal Genomics also produces CannMed, an annual gathering of cannabis leaders dedicated to the scientific advancement of the industry. For more information, please visit

MGC media contact:
Frank Priscaro
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About UgenTec
UgenTec is a leading molecular laboratory software provider servicing molecular diagnostics labs and assay providers globally across clinical, animal, pharma and agbio applications. Its FastFinder software platform is a modular, clinical-grade Software-as-a-Service solution that allows labs of all sizes to standardize and automate their molecular testing workflows. UgenTec’s FastFinder platform applies Artificial Intelligence to automate data analysis and result calling from sample to result, track and trace samples across the lab’s entire assay menu and instrument fleet, and provide the lab with valuable real-time insights in quality and lab operations. FastFinder’s modules include Workflow, Analysis, Insights, QC, Genotyper and Studio. 
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UgenTec Media Contact
Steven Van Vooren, Ph.D.
Marketing Director
+1 (508) 808 5200

Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm – January 12, 2023