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Automate & standardize your PCR workflow

Automated analysis of raw PCR data, automated interpretation of multiplex assays, automated QC workflow, automated LIMS transfer, automated audit trail

FastFinder is a software platform that intelligently analyzes raw PCR data from multiple commercial devices, resulting in a more reliable measurement, with better accuracy & virtually no eyes-on time.


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See how it works   NEW



PCR software that brings laboratory scientist's eyes-on time to a minimum.



Use artificial intelligence to automatically interpret the result & run it through the corresponding decision tree.


Integrate with more than 10 different cyclers and add your entire PCR portfolio in one software.


Use a fully validated software that analyzes results in a 100% reproducible way. 



Tom Martens & Wouter Uten founded UgenTec in 2014. UgenTec is a spin-off from the University of Leuven (KUL), currently located in the Corda Campus in Hasselt.

We have successfully raised €11 million from multiple investors & backers including Annie Vereecken (former CEO of Medhold), Herman Verelst (CEO of Biocartis), Ivo Marechal, the Gemma Frisius Fund, the KULeuven and LRM.

Our software is the leading solution for molecular diagnostic companies looking to automate the analysis and data processing of their qPCR assays in the end-user's laboratory.


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