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Food security is the world’s next challenge.

In crop science, seed health, & optimized yield, molecular methods are scaling up.


“Unlike the current status quo, FastFinder offers us robust and precise automation.”

Glenda Willems, SES Vanderhave

We can rest easy that the bulk of our data is analyzed automatically and accurately, and jump in when the software detects anomalous results.

FastFinder already automates considerable parts of our data analysis workflow, saving SES Vanderhave staff amounts of time on data analysis.

Spend less time on manual data review 
across your breeding pipeline.


For end-point PCR

Genotyping workflows that
currently deploy Klustercaller can upgrade data analysis capabilities virtually overnight.

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For real-time PCR

Pathogen detection, seed health & crop health assays can get complex fast. Automate data analysis and interpretation.

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“Automation in both genotyping hardware and software has become essential.”

– Ralph Hooiveld, Bejo Zaden –

Over the past few years, the demand for genotyping in plant breeding has rapidly increased. Automation in both genotyping hardware and software has become essential to deal with demand increase and process at high throughput while ensuring quality, project turnaround times and resource efficiency.

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