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Cookie Policy.

The limited liability company UgenTec NV, with registered office at Kempische Steenweg 303/105, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium, known under company number 0551.976.421 (hereinafter referred to as “UgenTec”, “we” or “us”), uses cookies to enhance the user experience of the users of her website ( hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). With this policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Cookie Policy”), UgenTec wishes to inform you of the type(s) of cookies we use and the way in which we do so.

We reserve the right to change, improve or make additions to this Cookie Policy with respect to future use of the Website, regardless of the reason why, by uploading a revised version of this Cookie Policy on our Website. It is therefore highly recommended to regularly consult the Website and the relevant page on which the cookie policy is published, in order to be certain you have knowledge of any changes. The Website will show a notification that a revised version of the Cookie Policy has been uploaded.   

What are cookies?

A cookie, also known as a HTTP cookie, a web cookie or a browser cookie, is usually a small text file sent from a website and stored in the user's web browser, resp. on the device of the user while a user is browsing on a website, resp. is using a mobile application. When the user in the future surfs on the same website, the data stored in that cookie can be retrieved by the website in order to notify the website of the last activity of that user. Cookies were designed as a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the status of the website or the previous user activity of a certain user. They help us to optimize your visit to the Website, to remember technical choices (e.g. choice of language, newsletter, etc.) and to offer more relevant services and offers.

The cookie contains a unique code which allows your browser to be recognized when visiting the website (a so-called “session” cookie), or in case of more repeated visits (a so-called “permanent cookie”). The server of the website is only able to read the cookies which it has installed itself and has in no way whatsoever access to the other information stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are stored in the folder of your browser, on either your computer or your mobile device. The content of a cookie usually consists out of the name of the server which has placed the cookie, an expiration date as well as a unique numerical code.

Cookies can be installed both by the website you visit, as well as by partners with which the website and/or the platform cooperates. If you wish to consult the Website and the resp. use it, UgenTec encourages you to enable cookies. However, if you choose to not do this, you are always free to disable the cookies.

Cookies may include: clicking on certain buttons, logging-in or a record of the pages which were visited by the user, even months or years ago. Although cookies cannot contain viruses and cannot install malware on the host computer, tracking cookies, and especially third-party tracking cookies are often used as ways to establish long-term data from the browser history of individuals together. This implies major privacy concerns that gave rise for European and US lawmakers to take action in 2011. This cookie statement is in accordance with current Belgian law (Law of 07.10.2012 laying down rules on electronic communications, BS 09/20/2012).

Which cookies do we use?

The Website uses different kinds of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: these cookies are essential to visit our Website and to use the different parts thereof. These cookies allow you, for example, to navigate between the different parts of the Website.
  • Tracking cookies: Tracking cookies are cookies, which survive the user-session. They can gather information for a period lasting up to a year. During this term, the cookie will be reset to its original value every time you visit the Website. This cookie registers vital information, such as how a visitor first visits the Website. This is the reason why these cookies are called “tracking” cookies. When you have selected a language preference, for example, the Website will register this choice as a permanent cookie in your browser. When revisiting the Website, the cookie will ensure that the content on the website is displayed in the language of your choice.
  • Performance cookies: We use performance cookies to gather information concerning the use you make of the Website, intending to improve the content on our Website, to further adapt the Website to the wishes of the visitors/users and generally speaking to enhance the usability of the Website. We, for example, have a cookie which helps us count the number of unique visitors and a cookie which monitors what pages of the Website are most popular.

In the sub-standing overview, you can see which cookies are used on the Website and what data these cookies gather:


Cookie name

Issued by

Expiry date


1 year


1 year


end of session


1 year


30 minutes


end of session


1 year


1 year


2 year


3 year


25 minutes


1 year


60 days


2 years


2 years


1 hour


2 days


2 days


1 year

Management of cookies

You can set up your browser to receive a notification when a cookie is placed of you can disable the placement of cookies. If you disable the installment of cookies, there is a chance you will not be able to enjoy certain of the services offered by UgenTec through the Website.

There are a few possibilities to avoid the storage of cookies. Please visit the websites of the different browsers to learn how you can block the storage of cookies.  Please realize that when you decide to delete all your cookies, you probably will have to fill in all your usernames and passwords again on the websites you visit, where before you did not have to think about them.  As already mentioned, cookies really can have an added value to your surfing experience on the web. 

If you want to know more about cookies, please visit the site This site provides more information on cookies, explains in detail how to delete the cookies and shows you how you can allow familiar sites to store cookies on your computer. 

Applicable law – Jurisdiction

This Cookie Policy is governed by and needs to be interpreted in accordance with Belgian Law. Any and every possible or actual dispute which concerns this Cookie Policy, or results from this Cookie Policy, shall be adjudicated by the competent courts of the registered office of UgenTec.

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