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7 Questions for Dr. Marianne Jakobsen

We asked Marianne Jakobsen of the Odense University Hospital 7 questions about her laboratory.


Dr. Patrick Descheemaeker at EMMD 2019

Dr. Patrick Descheemaeker presents his validation study and key findings on FastFinder during our scientific breakfast session.

7 Questions for Dr. Anne Vankeerberghen

We asked Dr. Vankeerberghen 7 questions about her laboratory.

Dr. Marianne Jakobsen at EMMD 2019

Learn how Dr. Jakobsen improved her prenatal RhD testing workflow with FastFinder.

7 Questions for Dr. Patrick Descheemaeker

We asked Dr. Descheemaeker 7 questions about his laboratory.

Case studies

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AZ Sint-Jan Brugge

"FastFinder enables us to structure the large amount of data generated by our lab-developed TaqMan® Array cards."

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Intergulf Biosystems

"FastFinder is truly what our customers have been waiting for. No more paper, no human errors, no more manual writing of results."

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Laboratory case study: OLVZ aalst

Learn how UgenTec enables OLVZ Aalst's laboratory to manage a challenging lab-developed test.

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Diagnostics case study: SpeeDx

Learn how SpeeDx simplifies data analysis for their ResistancePlus® MG assay.

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Laboratory case study: Odense University Hospital

Learn how OUH automated their fetal RhD testing workflow.

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  Long-form videos and recordings   





Multiplex real-time PCR assay design

"Poor design of the tests, combined with complex data analysis, prohibits laboratories from deploying the advantages of this technique."

John Santalucia, PhD, CEO at DNA Software

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Syndromic molecular testing

"The first-order consequence of syndromic testing is increased cost, the second-and-third order consequence, however, is a massive decrease in repeat testing, patient hospital time and ultimately healthcare costs. "
Stefanie Michels, customer support specialist at Fast Track Diagnostics

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Westgard rules & quality control with FastFinder

Learn the basics of Westgard rules, quality control and how to automate it using FastFinder.

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Introduction to FastFinder Analysis software & benefits

Learn the ins and outs of FastFinder Analysis and how it can help your laboratory decrease time-to-result.

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Sample-to-result molecular diagnostics

Learn how Hamilton Bonaduz and UgenTec collaborate on sample-to-result molecular diagnostics.

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Data science and artificial intelligence for molecular diagnostics

Learn how UgenTec's team collaborate to bring artificial intelligence to laboratories.

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Technical notes

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Get the ins and outs of algorithm accuracy and how it works within the FastFinder platform.

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Explore how UgenTec can collaborate on global regulatory challenges and how it benefits your company.

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Learn how FastFinder is built in a scalable way, such that your operations are never hindered.

Scalability technical note


Learn how FastFinder's security and reliability is consistently applied and how it benefits your company.

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Learn how UgenTec's QMS works, how we collaborate on QA and how quality control functions across the platform.

Quality technical note