For sample-to-result providers

“UgenTec is well on its way to becoming the golden standard of qPCR workflow software with their platform FastFinder.”

Guido Meneghini, International Sales Director at Hamilton Robotics

FastFinder is intelligent workflow software that unlocks the sample-to-result capabilities of your device. Focus on perfecting your assay menu & giving your customers end-to-end analytical capability. Rely on FastFinder to bolt-on workflow & interpretation support.

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Any type of test

FastFinder bolts on interpretation support onto your workflow, whether for your commercial kit or a customer’s LDT. Accurate and 100% reproducible.

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Intelligent plate setup

Your customer labs will save valuable time: FastFinder generates an optimal plate setup, orchestrates the flow from sample to result, and automates your IFU procedures for data processing & resulting.

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FastFinder integrates with all common instruments. Assays can be validated for more than 1 setup, allowing your customers to use their existing infrastructure.

A platform that makes samples and results flow

Simplify LIMS to laboratory knowledge transfer, automatically create worklists for the day.

Generate optimal plate setups and standardize molecular workflows for your device.

Integrate with the liquid handler to setup PCR experiments.

Integrate with up to 15 popular qPCR devices out of the box to analyse raw data.

FastFinder can be black-boxed, or opened to display results and allow customers more freedom, based on regulatory needs.


Allow customers to add-on integrated quality control and reagent tracking, automatically, in-run, and in real time.

Manage device intelligence in a securely hosted environment, support predictive maintenance, and get Business Intelligence insights.

FastFinder takes any assay in your menu, for any qPCR device, and enables you to turn raw data into actionable & standardized results in a few seconds.

“With FastFinder, we cut our qPCR curve analysis and processing in half — while increasing our overall accuracy for complex, multiplex tests ”

Dr. Karen Dierickx, Molecular Biologist at OLVZ Aalst
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Learn about our securely hosted solution and how it helps you comply to privacy regulation.

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