For agrigenomics applications

Spend less time on manual data review
across your breeding pipeline


FastFinder helps agrigenomics companies save time on PCR-based workflows such as KASP genotyping & real-time PCR-based seed health testing.


Covering agbio across your genotyping workflow.

From SNP validation over QC to production pathogen detection. Our suite of tools will save time and standardize data analysis for everyone on your team.


Algorithms that accurately toss out underperforming assays and pinpoint good performers.

Leave K-Means clustering in the dust with Artificial Intelligence for automated off-type detection.

Time saving, assay-specific algorithms automate 90%+ of data analysis.

Automate assay SOPs, data analysis & calling with Artificial Intelligence.


Unlike the current status quo, FastFinder offers us robust and precise automation.
We can rest easy that the bulk of our data is analyzed automatically and accurately,
and jump in when the software detects anomalous results.

Glenda Willems, Head of Genotyping & Bioinformatics at SES Vanderhave





For end-point PCR

Genotyping workflows that currently deploy Klustercaller can upgrade data analysis capabilities virtually overnight.


For real-time PCR

Pathogen detection, seed health & crop health assays can get complex fast. Automate data analysis and interpretation.