For clinical diagnostic kit manufacturers

“Our Excel-based analysis software was limited in security and support features as opposed to the IVD nature of an end-to-end solution like FastFinder.”

Samantha Walker, Quality Assurance Manager at SpeeDx

FastFinder lets you take any assay from your real-time PCR menu, and bolt on AI-based interpretation support. For any qPCR device. So your customers can roll out your assays - sample to answer - in no time. 


Serosep's Entericbio product on FastFinder

Discover how Serosep grew their business and took their EntericBio product to the next level using FastFinder Analysis as their standardised analysis and interpretation support software.

Trusted by laboratories
Trusted by innovative Dx firms
Trusted by innovative Dx firms


Ensure your customers get it right every time, without spreadsheets or macros. Our software sports algorithms that are 100% reproducible and offer accuracy well above 99%.



Make a strong business case with workflow and interpretation support embedded right into your product. Win tenders and RFPs with a complete, integrated offering from assay to result.



A better way to activate, support and grow your customers. Manage demand, make your distributors successful, and allow your customers to share results as they’re seeing them.

FastFinder is truly what our customers have been waiting for. No more paper, no human errors, no more manual result write-ups.

Learn how IG Biosystems has success in distributing FastFinder & Fast Track Diagnostic kits.

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“ The artificial intelligence is a plus when providing software to labs in multiple countries with different skill levels. From junior techs to well-trained scientists: it saves lots of time. “

Learn how SpeeDx innovated with their Mycoplasma genitalium real-time PCR test on FastFinder

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Supportive of your customers,
increased control and intelligence for your team

FastFinder integrates with your liquid handling & extraction add-ons so that your kit can transform into a sample-to-result solution.

Labs can: Integrate with front-end LIMS, craft worklists and manage lab operations.

Labs can: Connect directly to your liquid handling/ extraction add-ons to automate PCR preparation.

Labs can: Integrate with over 15 popular real-time PCR devices that are already in 95% of laboratories.

Labs can: Automate the data interpretation step with our interpretation support module.


Your team can: Run dashboards on assay usage across customers.

Your team can: Manage distributors in a data-driven way.

Your team can: Drive intelligence & deployment through a securely hosted SaaS solution

“For complex assays, the cost burden has shifted from consumables and reagents to additional time spent on analysis and interpretation. FastFinder solves that problem.”

Dr. Karen Dierickx, Molecular biologist at OLVZ Aalst
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Learn how our ISO13485 certified QMS supports you to roll out your assay easily.

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Data privacy

Your customer's data is your customer's data, always.

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Learn how FastFinder can transform your PCR kits into laboratory solutions.