Quality Control with FastFinder

The FastFinder QC Module is built-in to your routine analysis workflow, right where the cycler data are, ensuring proper appliance at all times and in real-time!

FastFinder is designed with automation, standardization, and flexibility in mind.  With our QC module, users can follow up quality control results automatically, in their daily workflow, without lifting a finger.


Real-time Application of QC monitoring!

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Westgard rule alerts

Get notified when QC checks  fail. See alerts with preset Westgard rules - the industry standard.

Levey-Jennings Charts

Standardize your QC. Monitor the lab's PCR assays and controls with Levey-Jennings charts. In real time, as you analyze results.


Full automation

No more manual data entry. QC metrics tracking right from within your data analysis platform. With zero efforts. 

Your QC needs power and simplicity.

Maintaining a QC workflow can become very time-intensive & error-prone in the absence of good software tools. FastFinder allows you to adopt essential QC strategies with ease.

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By default, all controls are logged under lots and devices.

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Follow up data for different lots, devices and sample type over time.

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View results in a Levey-Jennings chart or a table overview. 

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Technicians can choose to apply the Westgard rules they prefer and compare different lots to each other.  

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Reporting tools alert you of exceptions prior to results authorization.

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Multiple metrics - choose between tracking end-fluorescence or Cq values for monitoring different tests.
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Comprehensive lab dashboards at your fingertips.

In-run QC monitoring standardized in a single software platform that integrates across PCR assays, instruments, and workflows.​