IVD manufacturer SpeeDx
shares their experience in building a complete IVD sample-to-result workflow

The ability to provide a software solution for end users that accurately reports results, identifies technical issues, and can be integrated with a laboratory’s information systems can be as important in the final decision about whether to adopt a given platform as analytical and clinical performance data.

This webinar was hosted by GenomeWeb, with speakers representing SpeeDx, Thermo Fisher Scientifc & UgenTec.


Charles P. Cartwright, PhD

VP of Scientific Affairs, SpeeDx

james grayson new new webinar foto-1

James Grayson

Senior Field Application Scientist, UgenTec


Marina Beretta

Business Development Manager OEM, Thermo Fisher Scientific


We can submit essentially proprietary AP we developed as part of our submission to the regulators, to show that we are in control of how the assays are run, how results are reported, and ultimately how they are used in a clinical setting. And I believe it's very important for an IVD-manufacturer to display that level of control.”

Charles Cartwright, PhD - VP of Scientific Affairs, SpeeDx
What you'll learn

Case Study: Building a complete IVD sample-to-result workflow


This webinar describes how IVD manufacturer SpeeDx partnered with UgenTec and Thermo-Fisher Scientific to build a complete sample-to-result IVD workflow.