FastFinder and TaqMan® Arrays

Syndromic respiratory testing including SARS-CoV-2

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When labs look into automating and streamlining the routine diagnostic qPCR workflow, the main areas of improvement lay in the traditional analysis workflow and in limitations that come with instrumentation software.

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What you will learn:

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How to prepare your lab for the next respiratory disease season by taking a syndromic approach.

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How software automation enables data processing and reduces the risk of interpretation error for complex multiplex assays. 

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How automated QC tracking allows real-time intervention in case of quality deviations.


"Standardized multi-target interpretation on FastFinder makes life easier. It enables us to structure the large amount of data generated by our lab-developed TaqMan® Array cards, facilitating interpretation."

Parick Descheemaeker, AZ Sint-Jan Bruges
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