For seed health laboratories

“With FastFinder, we cut our qPCR curve analyse and processing time in half — while increasing our overall accuracy for complex, multiplex tests.”

Dr. Karen Dierickx, molecular biologist

Exceed turnaround time, accuracy, and QC standards in routine PCR workflow. FastFinder is a feature-rich software platform for molecular labs, with modules for qPCR analysis & interpretation, workflow automation, and genotyping.



Rest easy with interpretation support by FastFinder. Our software sports algorithms that are 100% reproducible and offer proven accuracy well above 99%.



Save valuable time on result generation & data processing. No more spreadsheets, copying information into the LIMS, or tedious manual QC tracking.



No need to change your hardware setup as FastFinder integrates neatly with your existing qPCR devices, across your entire assay menu and workflow.

Great on its own, better with other FastFinder modules:

Simplify LIMS to laboratory knowledge transfer, automatically create worklists for the day.

Generate optimal plate setups and standardise molecular workflows in your laboratory.

Print pipetting lists or integrate directly with your liquid handling/ extraction setup.

Integrate with all popular qPCR devices and analyse raw data with ease.

Support interpretation and data transfer to LIMS systems.


Integrate quality control and track reagent quality over time.

Your laboratory data, at the ready, accessible from your digital archive.

For large or multi-site labs, run dashboards across laboratories and track workflow metrics.


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Capture all assay-specific knowledge in one, overarching and easy-to-validate assay plugin for FastFinder.

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Deploy artificially intelligent algorithms that always analyse PCR curves in a 100% reproducible manner.

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Track your sample across the laboratory holistically: know where it is, where it needs to go and where it has been.

“It’s time for seed & plant health monitoring to be standardized across laboratories and testing facilities, a solution such as FastFinder truly enables this transition.”

Seed Health professional, with a global seed group




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