Simplifying data analysis for 3 lab-developed TaqMan® Array Card syndromic panels

Dr. Patrick Descheemaeker, molecular biologist
AZ Sint-Jan

The Molecular Biology lab of the AZ hospital in Bruges has set up 3 LDT diagnostic syndromic panels: respiratory (48 pathogens), STD (19) and GI (32).


The multi-target designs avoid reflex testing but increase interpretation complexityDr. Descheemaeker talks us through how they implemented these panels, with a focus on removing the burden of manual interpretation, integrating real-time QC in the process, and tying the outcomes directly into the LIMS.

You'll learn how the lab increased accuracy, improved turnaround times and lifted the manual review burden for their 3 TaqMan® Array Card panels.

"There's a very big difference in Cq calculation between the ViiA7 and FastFinder software. I'm convinced FastFinder is closer to reality."