A PCR innovator in search of an interpretation solution

"Customers would sometimes question whether a result is real if the amplification looked inefficient or late. FastFinder removes the need for this eyes-on interpretation and reduces analysis time."

Litty Tan, Director of R&D at SpeeDx



Founded in 2009 in Sydney, SpeeDx’ current IVD portfolio consists of two multiplex assays: ResistancePlus™ MG and PlexPCR™  HSV-1&2, VZV. The company is also developing a pipeline of multiplex assays including those for Respiratory viruses; HSV-1&2, VZV & Syphilis and STI panels.



  • Overcoming the challenge and time-consuming process of result interpretation

  • Defining assay-specific results: sometimes amplification means more than just detection

  • Clearing the pathway to support customer questions about certain results



  • In-house, spreadsheet-based interpretation software required manual manipulation of raw data and had limited security features

  • Manual copy-paste of raw data created potential for human errors

  • Supporting customers often involved back-and-forth mailing of result files



  • Completely validated, device-independent and artificially intelligent PCR result interpretation software

  • A secure, standardized & audit-trailed workflow with little to no margin for user error

  • Support is always just a click away, a fully trained SpeeDx team can help customers where they need it the most

"Rapid turnaround"

No laborious software projects

“The plug-and-play foundation of FastFinder enabled fast turnaround of our software product. Although it is a generic software, the team attempted to incorporate our feedback into the development process." Litty Tan, R&D Director at SpeeDx.


A turnkey solution

CE-IVD compliant interpretation workflow.

Before, SpeeDx end-users would use industrial software for the interpretation and an MS Excel based analysis software to automate sample interpretation. However, the format wasn’t as user-friendly and still required some manual transferring of raw data.


Don't take our word for it

Colin Denver

CEO at SpeeDx Ltd.

Since FastFinder is compatible with multiple PCR platforms, we don't have to tie ourselves to a single platform. This empowers us to expand our product offerings to more users and laboratories.


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