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An interpretation software
customized to analyze your assays


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Automatic analysis for your end-users


Custom algorithms

FastFinder comes packed with a customized algorithm that automatically & accurately interprets the data that your PCR assays generate.


Your IFU embedded

Absolute quantitative, qualitative & melting curve assays can be added to FastFinder. From simple monoplex tests to complex multiwell, multiplex assays. We digitize your IFU to ensure the right result, every time.


Plug & play software

The architecture of FastFinder allows you to add your current portfolio in a single platform, but also allows for easy addition of new assays.


A range of devices

FastFinder is built to support a range of commercial PCR platforms such as the Roche LightCycler® 480 type I & type II, Thermofisher's ABI® 7500 & ViiA7 and more.


For a full list of devices, contact us

Software as a strategic lever 


Easier support 

Support customers in a 21st century fashion. With FastFinder, you can mimic the exact digital laboratory setting of your customers without leaving your office.


Boost your sales

The complexity of your assay's technology is no longer a blocking issue. Distribute your assays with a software that does interpretation automatically. 


Custom branding

FastFinder can be customized to resemble the branding of your company. You can add custom images & a colour scheme to further tie customers to your company.


Install & analyze

FastFinder is easy to set up and requires little training effort from your side. No IT expertise is required, UgenTec's team provides full technical support of the software.

Get in touch with our product experts to find out how we can turn FastFinder into your own automatic analysis software.

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