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Automated PCR software



Automated curve analysis


Results in a few clicks

Using artificial intelligence & smart assay plugins, the analyis steps of a multiplex or multiwell assay are reduced to only a few clicks.


No pre-processing necessary

With FastFinder, there's almost no need to preprocess the data. You are able to use a single software for all your routine PCR analyses.

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Custom algorithms

Our data team develops a customized algorithm based on your data. This way, our algorithm mimics your most experienced laboratory scientists interpretation skills.


Machine learning

Using machine learning techniques, our team can retrain your algorithms. So that if you notice small deviations in the outcome results, algorithms are retrained for an increased performance.


Automated data processing

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Customized assay plugins

All assay-specific information is included the assay plugin, this ensures FastFinder gives you a result outcome customized to your laboratory workflow.


Automated control checking

FastFinder automatically takes the results of the quality control samples into account, when analysing patient samples. This ensures continuous quality of the result examination.


Clinically relevant results

Are you using a multiplex or multiwell assay? FastFinder combines the coupled single-curve results into a proper clinical decision.

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Add custom warnings

You can customize every warning, so technicians can take immediate and correct actions after bad quality outcome results

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