A software platform that automates the
last part of your PCR workflow


PCR analyses are hard.

Even when every step of the analysis before interpretation is executed perfectly, human error can and will occur. The data is ambiguous, different instruments, different assays... Managing QA and standardizing procedures is increasingly difficult.

With volumes growing every year, laboratory scientists are occupied with repetitive work and seemingly endless analysis of clear positives and negatives. Scientists should only have to deal with curves that require real interpretation.


A PCR software.

Built for laboratories.
With laboratories.

FastFinder is the result of a simple observation. We use software for everything in our lives. For a lab that runs routine PCR tests, no real software solution encompasses the entire interpretation process.

Enter FastFinder. Software that automatically translates raw PCR-data into a list of clearly defined true positives and true negatives. You can finally lift the diagnostic certainty of your lab developed tests or tests on (semi-)open systems to the level of a closed system.

Competitive assays.

Need automated software.

Distributing assays without software is impossible. Developing & validating a software is not within the expertise of diagnostic companies.

FastFinder is the perfect way to add value to your assays. Once set up, our software can interpret the results your tests generate automatically. We can take our out-of-the-box solution and customize it to your bidding on short notice. And it doesn't have to be expensive, avoid large amounts of overhead costs and pay per analysis.



Not your average bio-IT company.

Tom Martens & Wouter Uten founded UgenTec in 2014. The company is a spin-off from the University of Leuven (KUL). Located in Corda Campus, Hasselt, it has completed several investment rounds.

Market-savvy investors back the company, continuing its international expansion.

The team consists of 18 people and includes top-level data scientists, developers, biologists & business developers. It differentiates itself by really understanding the language of the diagnostic market while delivering state-of-the-art software.


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